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  By: Saika
  Date: May 31st, 2009
  Subject: Updates

Hihi~ Honey Hunt ch20+ is going to be continued by Otsukare. We'll do a joint for the extra chapter of Volume 4, Love Lesson 1 (the new drama that Yura is in xD).

Anyways, a new project x3. I'm going to finish off Kitchen Princess by Andou Natsumi starting from ch.45 of Volume 10.

Chapter 45 is up for grabs =)

  By: Saika
  Date: March 8th, 2009
  Subject: Updates

I'm picking up Honey Hunt by Aihara Miki from ch15-19, and Chapter 15 is released. =) Visit and join the Honey Hunt LJ Community for updates and discussions and more stuff~

I was too lazy to update the website before, but I finally updated the Zombie Loan releases in the Scanlations sections. xP Anyways, look forward to more releases!

  By: Saika
  Date: January 24th, 2009
  Subject: Zombie Loan ch23

Chapter 23

  By: Saika
  Date: January 10th, 2009
  Subject: Zombie Loan ch22

Chapter 22 @_@

For the next chapters of Zombie Loan, I'll be jointing with Twilight Dreams Scans and Eternal Sorrow.

Kitchen Princess
Volume 10 Chapter 47

Kitchen Princess
Volume 10 Chapter 46

Kitchen Princess
Volume 10 Chapter 45

Zombie Loan
Volume 07 Chapter 36-37

Honey Hunt
Volume 04 Chapter 19